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Kerry Brooks

Baby Loss parent to Kelsey Marie

"You’re wings were ready but my heart was not"

Charley Moran

Baby Loss parent to

Timothy Ryder Stott, Tiny Little Button and Wynter


"There is no foot too small that it cannot leave its imprint on the world"

Laura Hanson

Baby Loss parent to

Jade Tyler Marie, Jelly Bean and my Silent Angels,


"I am because you were"

Shanie Louise Parnell

Baby Loss parent to

Artorius, Lucan & Baby Parnell

"The moment my heart stopped mine changed forever"

Dave Martin

Baby Loss parent to

Jelly Bean and my Silent Angels


"The journey of a thousand miles starts with 1 small step"

All our Admin Team are Baby Loss Parents and work voluntarily to provide help and support to others. Their dedication is beyond words and their strength to campaign for our baby’s to be remembered is priceless

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