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On the 28th December 2014, we started our campaign to request the UK Government to honour 

15th October as a National Day of Remembrance for Pregnancy and Infant loss in the UK.


Our campaign was closed twice due to general elections, which resulted in signature's becoming invalid.

Since then we have been campaigning through 36 degree's to help us gain more signature's and awareness.


It takes less than 1 minute to sign and share. We believe every life matter's and that to educate, honour our precious children this day would help so many grieving parents.

1:4 babies die during pregnancy, so many of never get acknowledged due to them not being over the 24 week gestation.


We are hoping to reach 15,000 signatures by the 15th October 2021, this will mean the UK government will be required to acknowledge it's existence, as it did in there parliamentary meeting in 2016.


It requires 100,000 for change. We are hoping together with your help we can do this.

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