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Shannon Louise Newxo

I would like to share with everyone the amazing and kind work the whole team put into making some of the most amazing things in memory of my son baby Arlo who was born sleeping at 34+5 weeks.

This is only a few pictures of the amazing gifts and keepsakes. I will Cherish for the rest of my life! Even the little posts I see and read every single day brings so much comfort

they also made my son 3 burial outfit I do not have any pictures to hand but they was amazing and my son was lay to rest in one of them and the other 2 are away in his memory box. And so much hard work and care was put into every single thing

Along side all the amazing keepsakes they was the most helpful and amazing people to support me at my lowest part of life. The amount of support and 24 hour reply’s from the team really helped me though this. I was chatting with Lou and the emails brought me so much comfort I felt like I knew her forever and she would reply even if I was struggling at 3am

They have helped me so much and me and my partner Tom are so thankful for every single thing the whole team has done for me.

This group has brought me so much comfort and I honestly can’t thank every single admin for their amazing work!

Jasmine Kayley Jean Farrow 

I received a lovely baby box in memory of my baby who unfortunately i lost at 10 weeks - i was given nothing by the hospital to have in memory of my baby and Handmade with love kindly made a box for me with all kinds of things in to remember my baby. I couldn’t recommend these any more and i am just beyond grateful for how lovely the box itself is. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Sarah Lomas

I had the pleasure of receiving one of the gorgeous rainbow bags and being able to use it with my daughter Aurora who was born 5 weeks ago. I cant tell you the emotions that beautiful little bag brought to me my husband and my son. Thank you all so much for putting the time and effort in to make them xx

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