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We built our first memorial garden in 2016, as some of our babies do not have forever beds. Since then we have added many babies names, and our goal is to open this twice a year to support bereaved families. Each year we have included the theme of butterflies to coincide with our Flag of Hope event. During the summer months, Baby Loss Awareness Week and Christmas we hold special candlelit evenings in which we share and say their names.

We are pleased to announce our NEW Memorial Garden is now open in the Ancoats region of Manchester. Harry has worked hard to ensure that each baby or child registered has a special place of the Wall of Love. You can now have your baby or child's name added to a special personalised plaque, this comes with a small donation charge of £5.00. This covers the cost of a personalised plaque. What makes the NEW garden so beautiful is the two waterfalls, and the ability to for our parents to have a special video and graphic created and shared on their little ones special day.

In addition to this each little one registered with us will have their names added to our Acts of Kindness packs that go out worldwide to help create awareness and keep their memories alive.

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