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Our team have all experienced or been affected by the loss of a baby during pregnancy or infancy. As parents and grandparents, we wanted to be able to offer other’s “Choice” when they find themselves on this journey. From the burial to honouring their baby’s Angelversary with precious keepsakes, we provide handmade items from a team of over 100 volunteers who dedicate their time and love to ensuring each baby is ‘Dressed with Dignity’.














Handmade with Love for Angel Babies was first launched with our dear friend Paul Scully-Sloan who was the Director and Founder of Daddy’s with Angels, along with Luanne & Harry Rimmer from Angel Parents UK, to support Angel Babies. As projects begin to develop and Paul sadly died, due to battling cancer in 2019. Luanne and Harry  decided they wanted to work with more parent's and families within the community and Handmade with Love & Making Memories was launched. Which, is now a registered a non-profit registered CIC that support various community projects throughout the UK, as well as NHS Hospitals, Funeral Director's and Jack's House (Clic Sargent Young Lives v Cancer) who support children and families dealing with cancer.


Our focus is primarily for bereaved parents offering burial and funeral boxes free of charge. In addition to this, we supply parents with keepsake boxes and packs to over 25 hospitals within the UK and funeral homes. We also work within communities supporting self-care packs, children with cancer and run various projects such as our ‘Sunflower Love Grows’ and our Burial Making Memories boxes. In addition to this we launched a ‘Rainbow Project’ which supports parents who are pregnant after the loss of a baby or child.

Our goal is simply about bereaved parent's choice, bringing comfort to others and ensuring every parent has the choice and right to bury their baby. For so many, this has been denied over the year’s and we hope to break the stigma as baby loss is not just one of those things. Regardless of the age of your baby or child when they pass, Handmade with Love & Making Memories will support you on your journey. We work closely with the NHS and charities to ensure that parents are encouraged and supported in making memories

on their journey.

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