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About us

Dads do Grieve

Our page has been designed to provide support, share journeys, and offer comfort to dads who have endured the loss of a baby or child. We understand that when a baby dies many people forget to ask how dad is doing, which we know can influence dad’s mental health and grief journey. Dads can start to believe that their grief is less important, and they must be strong for the mother/partner who carried their baby. When, in fact dads do grieve and many silently. We hope that this section provides the support, comfort, or the information you are looking for. But if not please feel free to message us directly and we will try our best to assist you. Our team are all volunteers and bereaved parents who understand how hard it can be to navigate when you have lost a baby or child. Sometimes it can creep up on you years later, and that is okay too. Grief has no manual or timescale; we simply share because we care, and to keep our baby’s memories alive. We have also included many organisations and support groups links which you can access via 1 click that offer a closed online or face to face support group.

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