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Welcome to the newest member of the team 🌈

Firstly, we would like to wish our Admin Nicole a huge congratulations on the birth of her beautiful daughter Daisy Grace McLellan. Born 29th April 2023, at 11.01pm weighing in at

8lb 4oz. Mum, baby, and of course dad are all doing well, and it would be safe to say she is absolutely adored by her older brother and sister, Thomas, Georgia and Jack. Our lovely Nicole has kindly shared Daisy with us all and some words. Thank you for bringing smiles and heart hugs today lovely.. We would also like to say we are so pleased to see the handmade with love special heart and keepsakes made by the ladies. Her special package will be with you all this weekend.

Hello from Nicole.

Daisy Grace McLellan born 20.04.24 at 11.01pm weighing 8lb 4oz

Daisy and I are doing amazing, she’s so perfect!! We are still in hospital as she has a wee heart murmur that needs checked again today but isn’t anything to worry about! Labour was rough, probably my hardest yet but it’s already forgotten about now she’s here safe. I had a couple of little wobblers in labour but just natural emotions. One of Graces funeral songs came on over the radio and I burst down into tears, then later on was saying I just didn’t have it in me after the year I’ve had but here now!

Shaun is besotted by her, he’s just so glad she’s here in our arms now, that’s what he was waiting for! Daisy was born so fast and I had not long had morphine so it made her really sleepy and the crash team had to come in and help her breathe, etc, it was scary and had an impact upon Shaun as you can imagine, whereas I just shut down completely until I knew she was okay!! She is thriving and doing great now though and I am so grateful for the love and support shown on my journey. Having a rainbow pregnancy is scarey and I know so many understand when I say "that you have to dig deep to get through every day of it. I had the wonderful Rainbow bag from Handmade with Love with special keepsakes, cards and vest included. And we took the beautiful Rainbow heart handmade with love & Making Memories by our Admin and Volunteer Helen Scott. Thank you Helen and to all the team.

I look forward to catching up with those expecting their rainbow, and rainbow families in the Facebook - Pregnancy after Loss Peer Support Group over the next few weeks. If you would like to join the Peer support group please click on the Private Support Group link below.

Group Link:

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Welcome daisy. You are so loved and I am pleased to have met you. Will get cuddles soon

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