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15th October Profile Picture Graphic

This year we thought we would start with a Profile for Baby Loss Awareness month.

If you would like a graphic please click on the ❤ and comment below with your baby or child's name. Once complete we will reply back to you, Due to the demand we face each year we are starting early so our team can honour their little ones too during October. So, first things first our are graphics. All graphics are watermarked and we ask that out of common curtsey they are not altered. Please only request for your little on. More than one name can be added to the graphic for multiple losses. You do not need to request individually, please add all names on the one comment. These will also be added to our National Day of Remembrance video on the 15th October 2024 which you will be able to share with family and friends..

Thank you


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2 Komentar

Could I get one for my son

Cayson Gene Burnside 💙

Please and Thank you


Could I please have one for Brittney Nicole Miracle thank you very much. You guys are awesome for all you do

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