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A special Father's Day

We know our Baby and Child Loss Dad's can minimise how they are feeling. So, this Father's Day we wanted to do a special 'Graphic' one that you can add your own special message in.

This can be from the little ones that have gone on before him, or as a partner you may want to let him know how special he is, how loved he is, and no matter what he will always be a father and this day is for him.

If you would like a graphic, then please comment below with your special message and names you would like adding to the card. Feel free to add all of your children, those who walk beside him, and those who have gone on before him. We ask that people use manners as common curtsey. Our team are all volunteer's and give their time to provide these beautiful keepsakes. We will be closing requests on Friday, 13th June.

We hope the day is gentle on all of our Angel Dad's this upcoming Father's Day,

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Dear Dada

Today, is your special day

A day that was created for us to say Happy Father's Day

From heaven above and earth below

We are sending you floaty kisses and hugs filled with our forever love.

Huxley, Aspen🪽and Holden

Please and thank you

Replying to

Thank you



On your special day, we want you to know how much we appreciate you. You are one of the strongest people we know. You are an amazing husband and father. We love you so much.

Happy Father's Day


Kristen, Rickey, Elizabeth, Cayson 🪽 and Kayden

Replying to

Thank you so much

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