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Being a mother

It has been a whirlwind start to 2024 and before we knew it one of the most dreaded days of the year was approaching - Mothering Sunday. This year we ran a workshop for bereaved mother's to prepare and support each other 10 days before. 21 brave, strong, courageous women sharing, working together in order to make the day more gentle. It was the first time we had ran such a workshop away from Facebook and Twitter. It was the first time we had incorporated ways to bring selfcare and love into each other's lives, and how strangers came together to say their precious babies and children's names. We also introduced our special "Go To" bag a toolkit to use throughout the 10 days which I believe brought comfort, ways to relax, and special personalised gifts for Mothering Sunday that had been handmade with love by our wonderful volunteer's.

It is something we will run more of throughout the year and personally it was a kind and gentle experience for myself taking part as well as organising the event.. As a mother who nurtures her little one's without them physically with her. It allowed me to find ways that I was comfortable with to share, take part in and one of them being a relaxation workshop we had booked through Relax with Lucy. Which was conducted by the beautiful Lucy, Baby Loss Mum to Ellie. Many of the ladies have attended the free baby loss mindfulness workshops that Lucy runs free of charge weekly online. So, to have our own special workshop based around techniques to make us relax and focus was certainly a treat and much needed experience.

Feedback will be shared this month on how our parents felt as well as the self care guides we introduced to prepare for special occasions, and how using affirmations supported us as a team. Yesterday, myself and Harry opened our home up to strangers who had been part of the build, and funding of our new apartment. I realised that as a mother not only did I share but also how allowing strangers into your heart and journey was not only emotional, but it was something I needed to do. Why? Because as soon as you enter our home you see their special keepsakes, framed scans, and beautiful keepsakes we have in their memory. Moments captured that are so close to our hearts and so precious to us as baby loss parent's. I honestly did not think I would be so anxious in sharing, but I was and emotional too. Yet, in the same breath I felt proud and shared our Why as did Harry. The tears flowed and I could hardly catch my breath at times but I remained dignified and was approached by 3 members of the group who also shared that they too were baby loss parents.

So, when everyone had left and I still was emotional my wonderful husband wrapped his arms around me and said they are tears of love Lou, tears of fear as even in 2024 families are still scared to see the look of disbelief on strangers faces when they share their journey. Not only did we break our own silence within our home with strangers, but the love when others shared too. After a long day we switched on the TV to catch up and I guess switch off too and were immediately hit with her Royal Highness on every news channel. Over the last 2 months there have been so many conspiracy theories and media posts surrounding her lack of being in the public eye. Yet, there she was dignified, composed, and sharing her WHY to the entire world. To say I was lost for words would be an understatement.

Her HRH Catherine shared about her current medical diagnosis of cancer and the treatment she was currently going through, as well as her reason for sharing now. How herself and HRH Prince William had needed to shield their children until they could find a way to relay this to them without the input of the media, and in a way they would understand. What strength it had taken not only to share this with the public but to have to tell her 3 young children she was undergoing treatment for a disease that we are still scared as adults. How she had asked for privacy and time with her family while they process this together. We like many others I imagine were not only heartbroken for her, but angry that she had felt the need to share this with others due to the conspiracy theories, media posts, and entitlement of others who believed because she is a public figure they needed to know such personal details.

So much going on in her world, in her heart right now, and yet she publicly shared. How as a doting mother her children came first regardless of whatever had been thrown at her these last few months. How our future queen openly share with the nation so dignified and so full of grace, love and compassion as she reached out to others who are undergoing treatment or recovering from cancer "You are not alone." It is the same phase we share with bereaved parents, on hearing this my heart broke in two and at a time when we should be supporting her, she had wrapped her arms around other's to give them hope and love. She had given them a voice too... we wish her highness a speedy recovery and the privacy she and her family are entitled to ensure they get through this, but know there is so much love and respect for her not only as our future queen, but as a mother who above all else could only think of the impact this would have on her children.

This morning I sat here and started off with the intention of sharing information and feedback from our NEW workshops. In particular, Mothering Sunday. Talking about the strong, beautiful women who over time have found the strength to share their journey and heartbreaking moments with others who walk this path. Yet, all I could think of was about HRH Catherine, how brave, courageous she truly was to share, offering hope, and love to others and on hearing the words "You are not alone" had not only broken me and Harry as we processed what had just been aired, but how we too had felt the love shared and how inspirational our future queen is!

We truly hope now those who feel the need to comment will do so in a dignified and respectful manner and HRH is given nothing but the respect and love she so deserves, as well as a speedy recovery!

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Beautiful words. Thank you for everything not only in the 10days leading up to mothers day but for everything you do each and every day. I really hope the media leave HRH Catherine and the family to deal with the situation as there is nothing worse than feeling like your personal life is on full display for everyone.

Sending hugs to everyone who needs them x

Replying to

Thank you Tracy and I hope Mothering Sunday was gentle on you too.

It is like you said time to leave the family alone and let them navigate through this with our love and support, not opinions or conspiracy theories. We can only hope that those who believe they have a right to every inch of her life put themselves in HRH shoes this weekend.

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