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Chemo Challenge in loving memory of Paul Scully-Sloan

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

1633 days have passed since our dear friend and confidante Paul Scully-Sloan, peacefully passed away after a battle with cancer. While lying in a hospital bed undergoing treatment he set a challenge to see how many hats could be handmade to support those undergoing treatment. Paul had a love of pigs and it was only fit he got to have one handmade for him. Over the last four years we have handmade chemo hats for the NHS, and continue to do so. Delivering to various hospitals and units, in total we have reached over 1,000 hats distributed. Something we know he would be so proud of. We have supported children's charity's with themed hats, and this year saw us launch the special piggy bag at The Queen Elizabeth NHS Hospital were Paul was an inpatient, and who looked after him throughout his journey. 'Don't Give Up' This bag provides items Paul thought would help another impatient.

So, this year myself and Harry visited and dropped off essentials and special bags for the team, inpatients, and also made a start on adding special items to the visitor's waiting room. We have plans in store to mark Paul's 5th Anniversary in 2024 with the hospital. Which we hope will bring some comfort and care to families who need that moment alone when visiting. Our next delivery is in September which will bring us to a target of 400 chemo hats delivered to Birmingham, and 30 individual 'Never Give Up' drawstring special bags for the patients on the ward. When I would visit Paul, we would talk about what was needed for patients, how to make them smile, and most of all to give some dignity. Not many of the men on Paul's ward had visitor's and sometimes they would run short of toiletries. After Paul passed away this give me an idea to create a Paul Bag, but it would need special things that he wanted to see available to patients, family and friends that visited, as well as some things to keep busy on those long afternoon's and evenings.

We also added a special coffee maker for the team this year, and have another for the visitors room. Along with treat basket's and some special 'Paul' bears to hug. A new one is handmade by our volunteer ladies each year, and I am so excited to be delivering a beautiful snug cushion for the Nurses and team on the ward. I know how much care, dedication, love, and respect each and everyone give. They have become friends, and each year the smiles and tears get bigger as well as the hugs. The impact of cancer hits so many, from the person enduring this horrible disease, to family and friends who are watching their loved ones in pain. But, one thing Paul did not forget was the healthcare professionals, he would often joke and keep them on their toes while looking after him, he was bubbly and such a character, and he is still remembered by all the Nurses and Doctors that cared for Paul. The impact seeing those they come into contact with dying, can definitely take its toll on you. So, we thought a snuggly Paul Pillow may help when they get 5 mins rest, or need to take a breather.

Paul was no stranger to pain, grief, or having to prepare others for living without the one they love. Because he founded and started 'Daddys with Angels' in 2010 and ran it even from his hospital bed. He supported everything I did and we worked together on so many projects, that he felt like my boss. When I think back there is nothing but fond memories, love, and admiration for the human being he was. That through all the years he had campaign for more awareness for bereaved parents, and especially dads, he never once put himself first. His mentoring made me realise working one week on and week off was essential for me, my mental health, and most of all if I wanted to make a difference within the baby loss community. Everyday he became into contact with every walk of life who faced grief. His gift to others was he validated their loss, their grief, their love, but in the process he made you own your grief. Hold it's hand, and face the good, the bad, and the ugly. He taught me grief goes hand in hand with love. That, no matter the age of your little one that has passed they matter, individual journeys, but we walk on the same path. And in Paul's case definitely not the same shoes as he always wore sandals!

Paul's very first cancer ward was supported by Clic Sargent and we have continued to work with them for over four year's. They support young people with cancer, and are an amazing charity, please see the work they do at and we are currently making teenage cancer hats, scarves, gloves, and are in need of donations of toiletries for their special bags this September to January 2024. We would like to provide Jack's House that provides 'A home from home' experience for young people and families with these items, while undergoing treatment and Christies, and Manchester Children's hospital. If you can help support our Chemo Challenge Campaign to bring a smile on another's face, and a gift pack filled with love and laugher then please drop us an email, or you can donate through our webpage link, and visit our Amazon Wishlist for items that we are desperately in need of for our volunteers to work their magic. Thank you all for your continued support and kindness. Together we can all make a difference for those within our community, lets make magical memories in 2023. In living memory of a dear friend, forever within our hearts, and forever remembered, Sleep tight Paul. #akaBossMan

If you would like to get involved with handmaking Chemo hats please visit our Facebook page and drop Joyce or Sue a message and they will let you know our current projects we are working on.

Huge thank you to Linda Ellis, Joyce Borman, Helen Scott, Sam Keir, the all the volunteers for knitting chemo hats. As well as the lovely Deane Bowden and her team at Helping Hands foe the piggy themed chemo hats too. His legacy of kindness lives on in all that everyone does to support our community project.

We are in need of the following items to reach our target

  • Different coloured wool (Pink & Black urgently needed for Piggy hats please)

  • Quiz Books

  • Toiletries include Body Wash, Shampoo, Toothpaste, Deodorant (Roll-on) Toothbrushes

  • Pens

  • Slippers (All sizes)

  • Colouring pencils

  • Drawing Paper

  • Craft Packs of all kinds

  • Tissues

  • Lip Balms

  • Socks all sizes from teenagers to adults (Male and Female) please

  • Playing Cards

  • Boiled sweets and Jelly's

  • Mints

  • Baby Wipes (non perfume)

  • Hand Cream

(Amazon Wishlist)

Drawstring Bags


Thank you so much for your continued support and helping to make precious memories for those who are undergoing cancer treatment.

Address to send donations:

Handmade with Love & Making Memories CIC

Head Office, 121 Kearsley Road, Crumpsall, Manchester M8 4QJ

Amazon Wishlist: Chemo Challenge Wishlist

Donation Link to Sponsor a bag:

Reference is Chemo Challenge

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