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Easter Acts of Kindness packs 2024

What a busy week ahead for our young ambassador's as they prepare their special 'Act of Kindness' packs for Easter weekend. Huge thank you to our volunteer ladies who have been handmaking the special keepsakes, and boxes which contain a chocolate heart. Our special packs so far will be going out in local communities, NHS Hospitals in Manchester and Glasgow, as well as to one of our favourite places 'Jacks House.' Jacks House is based in Manchester and home for home for under 25's who are receiving cancer treatment, this was funded by Morrisons and continues to be by Young Lives vs Cancer and families.

Jacks House has a very special place in Luanne, Harry's and Joyce's hearts and I believe this Monday, they will be visiting Cheryl and the team with Easter Goodies, baskets, and Art & Craft materials. Joyce started the famous 'Worry Monsters' project with Luanne and Joe a few year's back now to allow children and young people to be able to share special messages inside the monsters bags and pockets, and it still continues today. If you would like to get involved or donate to the amazing work the team do, please pop over to Young Lives vs Cancer North West Fundraising page and see how we can all make a difference in supporting our young people today. If you would like to add your baby or child's name to our Act of Kindness packs please pop over to our Easter event which is running online this year Community Easter Events and Gemma will add your little one to our list.

It means so much to us all as volunteer's to be able to look after our local communities, and our young ambassadors lead by example. They are never shy about talking about their 'WHY's' and demonstrated this in Blackpool this February while chatting to the older generation about baby loss, we cannot wait for their summer projects to be shared.

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