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Meet Izaak - One of our Young Volunteer's "Be Happy"

This is Izaak when he received his first ever sibling box from us. Which was a surprise too! We remember the facetime and pictures. Your smile that lit up the room, and the personal, individual keepsakes in memory of your 4 olders siblings and 1 younger sibling that have passed away. You saw your mum preparing boxes for bereaved parents, and was only keen to help her. Choosing the perfect teddies, and special cards. We knew then you understood the meaning and reasons behind the,. You were very shy at first, but those hairstyles are so funky, and we love each one as you have grown into a remarkable, confident, caring, supportive, articulate young man. We cannot wait to do a special launch with you in July, 2023. Then, we have Rainbow Day to make plenty of magical memories before you get ready for High School. From all the team we wanted you to know how much of a valued member you are, how funny, cheeky, and caring nature you have, as well as a belly laughter that makes us all giggle, and most of all a kind young man. #volunteersmakeadifference #thankyouforvolunteering #volunteersweeks2023 #celebrateandinspire #gentleman #kindandconsiderate #childrenandgrief #siblingsmattertertoo #makingmemoriesboxes #siblingboxes #babylosscommunity #littlepeoplemattertoo #thankyouforyoursupport #siblingsupport #volunteerchampion2023 #youngpeoplemattertoo

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