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Salford University

We decided to do an awareness table and well being at Salford University. Never have we experienced the amount of people sharing, students asking questions, and our volunteers chatting and signposting those who stopped by. Over 350 packs were handed out last Friday, which is unbelievable. It felt like the day had gone before we sat down and got a cuppa. What an overwhelming response, which totally inspired Harry and Caroline to engage. As well as chatting to student midwives and nurses who were currently looking to help out and volunteer with the team. Some, who wanted us to send items to hospitals they had been on placement with. It truly was the biggest engagement we have ever experienced.

In addition to the packs we were able to provide students who were struggling with essential items such as toothpaste, deodorants, muchies, and plenty of chocolate. As well as talking openly about pregnancy and baby loss, we described the work our volunteers do, showcase the tiny outfits and forever beds. Over 20 forever beds were handed out to students, as we know one day when they are in the field they will need this tiny bed. It definitely was an eye opener, and next year we hope to do a whole week creating awareness and supporting those who are struggling.

Huge thank you to Harry and Carolina, the university for supporting us, and those who shared and said their little ones precious journeys. Plenty of emotional hugs all round!

Please, please sign the petition and lets get our precious little ones a special day of remembrance within the UK.

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