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The next NEW Government

Today, I read an article from Tommy's and Sands regarding their commitment with regards to proposals the next new government should have on their agenda, in their white papers, and manifesto. As I said earlier this week when I wrote about our how I felt the new certificates for pregnancy and baby loss under 24 weeks, and I was so glad to see that aftercare and training are on the agenda. Sooner rather than later, which along with the certificate of recognition of the loss of a baby or pregnancy this we hope will assist parents with their individual grief process. No 2 people are the same an the journeys we have shared with us on a daily babies highlight this, as well as the difference in their care, treatment, terminology used by healthcare professionals when speaking about the parents loss. Honestly, some of these things are what any good organisation could implement without additional costs.

We have chosen to look at some of the proposals in the review, and welcome you to as well. We need the backing of our local counsellor's and MP', communities and families. Because without this I feel there will more errors, lack of information shared, and how parents have a choice when it comes to losing a baby under 24 weeks within the UK. Plus most importantly we need to educate or ourselves. "You are their Voice" only you can give feedback the good, the bad, and the ugly." something we hope we highlight together over the next few months, and we can do this to influence the manifesto's in the next election when WE choose who we are voting for!

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Thank you for sharing this lovely was a very interesting read, I really hope all this change happens as this has been a very long time coming, especially with the very much each hospital deal with babyloss in very different ways and the care in some is disgusting what some parents had to go through with their loss, and same goes for the aftercare very much postcode lottery on that part and it shouldn't be like this at all especially with how high statisticly baby loss is xx


Thanks luanne. I will have a read over this later this evening

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