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Volunteer of the Month

We work together as a team, each and everyone of us supports the community projects, and as Director's we have from the beginning tried to give that special thank you to a volunteer that has gone above and beyond, or donated for a particular project. The last few month's we have chosen the volunteer's that have gone above and beyond and we are finally getting their certificates and special keepsakes from the team to say 'Thank you'. It is a honour to work alongside so many strong, committed, kind, and supportive volunteer's.

While some of us have certain roles to fulfill, it cannot work as one person, not only due to the demand, but because, also each item is handmade with so much love, and care. Each and every volunteer brings so much to the table in our home. That our team are understand. Each of our journey's different, some come for a while, while other's are here till the bitter end, as some might say. One thing we are all learning, and it is why we all need to have to time away, we have to learn to balance life and work, especially myself! But, these ladies have excelled and behalf of all the team thank you.

Huge congratulations to the last 3 months winner's who have now started to receive their special packs, and we will be announcing our Junior Ambassadors Volunteer of the Month, along with the Volunteer of the month for August, 2023.

Catherine McLoone

Sheila Ross

Helen Scott

Junior Ambassador supporting Sibling Loss to be confirmed on Sunday, 3rd September, 2023

August Volunteer of the month to be confirmed on Sunday, 3rd September, 2023

Huge thank you ladies for everything you have done to ensure our community projects reach target, and for being you. Your work and commitment is so appreciated, as it is with every volunteer we work alongside. So, huge congratulations' and once again thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Luanne Rimmer

Founder & Director

Handmade with Love & Memories CIC

Angel Parents UK & Worldwide

Cic Registered: 13245556

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