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Volunteer's Week 2023 - Pamela Bolan

We were asked by Luanne to talk about the work we do and our WHY as volunteer's. I met Luanne through Paul Scully-sloan, and we have worked together ever since within the baby loss community. Paul always taught us to think outside the box when we were creating, because we are not all the same. Something Luanne continued to do, and refuses to change as she understands that every baby is unique just like their DNA.

When did I start to craft? I was taught by my gran who looked after me, as both parents went to work, I was taught how to knit, sew, crotched, and to do embroidery by my gran. I was an only child and I hated it! So, it was a big family for me, I have five children all grown up now 3 daughters and 2 sons by my first husband. With my 2nd marriage I had a miscarriage at 9 weeks, and thats why I enjoy making Angel items. I know the heartache and the need to say goodbye to your baby in a dignified manner. I have also got 4 grandchildren, Zaina age 24 years and is a Veterinary Surgeon, Holly and Alfie, and Billie my grandaughter who is my youngest sons child, who is in a Dance/Ballet Academy and performs on stage, at age 7 years. Holly age 8 is also a dancer she does arts & crafts takes after her other Nanar whos an Artist. Alfie is good at football, fiddling with car engines taught by his dad Damien my eldest son. Holly, Alfie & Billie are excellent swimmers they've been taught from being Newborns. I feel blessed to have a large family, but also understand that the pain of missing a little one never goes away.

l've done much knitting for various charities over the years including The Panda reservation in Wolong, China in your gone by knitting toy Pandas. I've done alot of knitting & Crotchet for animal charities, at the moment I am crotcheting birds nests for our local wildlife rescue. I make items for N.H.A.P. and above all the wonderful lady Luanne Rimmer who is just fantastic in everything she does, and inspires us in her team to do what we do for parents of Angels, as we are angel parents ourselves. Luanne was the uttmost caring lady to our wonderful much loved & missed Paul who formed Daddys with Angels. Luanne is the mother to seven beautiful Angels, who are there with her and husband the lovely Harry in Spirit, Luanne is a warrior in her work she does for the parents of the Angel children, she has and still is helping these heart broken mums & dads while coping with her own losses. We all owe her so very very much and love her deeply. Blessings

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