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Volunteer Week 2023 - Charley Moran

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Charley has been a volunteer for many years with us and admins on Angel Parents UK & Worldwide, supporting bereaved families. She also works crafting to help her take time out from her busy family schedule, and this year has taken over making special bracelets for Mums, Dads, siblings, and angel babies.

Charley's words..

I have been a volunteer for around 4 years now. I have been crafting and drawing for as long as I can remember. But I have been making graphics for around 5 years and it helps me to relax of an evening. As a full-time mum and carer of rainbows with additional needs we have very busy household. But, I enjoy taking time out to spend time supporting parents, and completing personal graphics for little one's Angelversary’s and special days.

My Why....

When Timothy was brought to me he had already been dressed. The hospital didn’t have anything by way of clothing for a baby so small. My sister while I was still unable to do anything for myself looked online for somewhere that did clothes for babies that size. My sister ordered something for him to be buried in, a lovely wild animal babygro. It arrived just 2 days before his cremation so I couldn’t dress him, the funeral home tried and sadly it didn't fit so he was still in the clothes that he left the hospital in. The outfit as my sister had bought it was placed with him in his coffin along with his teddies and his beautiful blanket. It wasn’t until 6 months after his loss that I found charities and organisations such as angel parents who help with things like that. I was given a box by the hospital that was sadly lacking as items had been removed for other boxes. A side note to this, just so everyone is aware, I gave birth to Timothy in an intensive care unit at a hospital that doesn’t usually deal with births of babies. The bereavement suite had a selection of hats and cardigans but all were in pink and frilly yellow. Not suitable for a handsome soldier.

Since his loss and during my journey I have seen some truly amazing gowns for these beautiful angels that deserve to be dressed with dignity and love. I wish the knowledge was out there that people can get help with burial gowns/outfits for babies that have passed away. The wraps and hats for small babies, the cribs and gowns for second and early third trimester losses, the stunning outfits/dresses for third trimester and neonatal losses. All these beautiful children deserve to be dressed with love and dignity as per their parents choice. #everylifematters #dressedwithdignity #15thOctober #nationaldayofremembranceforpregnancyandinfantloss

I would say to anyone thinking of volunteering to go for it. It is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. And it has also helped with my grief and sharing our baby’s precious journey's.

I'm most proud of being able to help provide comfort to others in their time of need, or help signpost a parent to receive support on their journey.

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