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Volunteer Week 2023 - Helen Scott

We are proud to share the work and journey of our Admin & Crafter Volunteer Helen. Helen has been crafting for over 40 years, and has been with the team for just over 3 years. Her passion is to help people, and as a Angel & Rainbow Grandma she understands the importance of our #dressedwithdignity campaign. Which is to ensure bereaved parents have choice, care, and dignity when they say...

'Goodbye before Hello' regardless of the age of their baby when they passed.

Helen covers Thursday's each week, supporting and working with our volunteers online who craft, she also supports parents when they reach out to us, and helps create new projects for the baby loss community. As well as working with Handmade with Love & Making Memories Helen also volunteers within a community craft group making blankets for patients in her local hospital. She also works full-time from home supporting her husband's business, looks after her family, and if we had to describe a quality of Helen's as well as exceptional work, it would be she has the heart and passion of a lioness, and is a beautiful friend and work colleague.

Every project we start, Helen works upon and contributes her amazing donations, as well as handmaking with love special characters for us to raise funds. We don't know how you do it - Superwoman! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you do to support so many.

You truly are a breathe of fresh air and our 'SMILE' of the day!

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